Myopia Prevention Game Interface Design Based on Children's Cognition

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Authors: Peiqi YiYunzhu HuXiaoxue ZhangHui WangXin He

Abstract: This paper is based on the cognitive characteristics of Chinese children. Through literature review and user study, we understand that children prefer pictures and videos for information acquisition, and they are more concerned with saturated colours. What’s more children are more willing to experience and interact in action. Therefore, this article addresses the above characteristics, takes the prevention of children's myopia as the application scenario, and combines the most common information media that children currently come into contact with, to design a game interface that is suitable for children's cognitive characteristics. The design runs in the form of a game that can make children willing to interact and willing to accept the treatment of myopia prevention. And using a smartwatch, which is commonly used by Chinese children as an information medium, saturated colours and cute, rounded design elements are used to ultimately design the game interface. Finally, the paper combines interviews and research with children to understand that the design meets the cognitive and aesthetic needs of children and has gained their approval.

Keywords: Children's cognition, Game interface design, Myopia Prevention

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002072

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