Designing a Serious Game to enhancement of musical skills of children using iPlus methodology

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Authors: Verónica-Gabriela Maldonado-GarcésElking AraujoMayra CarriónMarco SantórumPatricia Acosta-VargasDiana LópezMahatma QuijanoLuis Llanganate

Abstract: Serious Games have become a popular tool for knowledge transfer, behavioral, perceptual, or cognitive change, and valuable for developing or improving a specific area. The use of serious games for educational purposes can have a very positive effect; in our case, this area is related to the educational or psychological field, and its purpose is to strengthen the psychoeducational processes, allowing the achievement of an optimal and motivating learning process in the different stages of development of the human being. The current research focuses on constructing a serious game for the enhancement of musical skills of children using iPlus methodology. This game is aimed at children from 8 to 12 years old; however, it is not ruled out to be applied to adolescents, middle-aged, and elderly adults. The game is suitable for practicing and improving musical abilities such as memory, attention, and spatial perception by recognizing notes on the staff. The possibility of strengthening two essential psychological processes is also offered, not only for the acquisition of learning but also to solve life problems.

Keywords: serious game, auditory recognition, Iplus methodology

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002074

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