The Verification of Human-Machine Interaction Design of Intelligent Connected Vehicles Based on Augmented Reality

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhang HengYuanbo SunZhang BoyangYinan Che

Abstract: Firstly, compared with the traditional vehicle interactive verification methods, it is concluded that the real vehicle test scheme has the disadvantages of high cost, poor experience of pure physical bench scheme and lack of force feedback of pure virtual reality scheme. Augmented reality plus physical bench scheme has potential. Through the disassembly of automobile interactive verification process, the factors affecting the effect of automobile interactive verification are summarized. Secondly, conduct investigation and interview on the automobile active interactive users and the subjects of verification experiment, summarize the form and scope of automobile human-computer interaction design, as well as the design strategies and difficulties of interactive verification experiment, so as to determine the functional requirements of automobile interactive design verification bench. Then the feasibility of augmented reality technology applied to automotive human-computer interaction design verification is discussed and practiced.

Keywords: Human-Machine Interaction Design, Augmented Reality, Evaluation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002081

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