Thinking of Aesthetic Empathy in Immersive Exhibitions

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Meixue HeAo Jiang

Abstract: Based on the phenomenon of immersive exhibitions becoming a boom in art experiences, the authors investigate the reasons for this phenomenon from the intersection of the two fields of cognition and art - “aesthetic empathy”, and consider the audience’s “aesthetic empathy” as one of the key factors contributing to the phenomenon. In addition, the authors believe that the communication effect of immersive exhibitions is ultimately completed by the joint construction of technical equipment and the personal characteristics of the audience. Then, the authors propose some conditions and methods for building a positive art experience in immersive exhibitions. The overall point refers to that the advantages of immersive technologies include sensory stimulation and visual image construction, which will benefit the audience in immersing themselves in the symbolic system constructed by the work, which is the driving factor in the early stage of empathy. Then, this will make the audience think and feel the meaning speculation and emotional understanding brought by this symbol system, and complete the empathy experience.

Keywords: Empathy、Immersive exhibition、Virtual Reality

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002084

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