The Development of Muay Thai Training Game for Tourism 4.0

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Nanthawan Am Eam

Abstract: This research aims to develop game training kits for Muay Thai sports in order to make Muay Thai training a leisure exercise. The training armor is equipped with 5 sensors to measure stinging forces and 5 light signals. There are three levels of light jamming time, including 1 second for beginners, 0.8 seconds for intermediate skilled athletes and 0.5 for professionals. In the light of the light signal, there are 9 forms of sticking. The research has developed a force measurement system and a real-time transmission program system to be displayed on the screen. Score counts can be accumulated for the same escalation as playing games. 15 participants from athletes and trainers tested the training equipment, with three minutes of continuous sting tests in each round and six punches in total. The results showed that the training equipment has good performance. The transmission program system can display punches, scores and counts of punches in real time, and can be statistically recorded to know the development of the athletes. The participants suggested adding sensor installation points and faster light fixture times.

Keywords: Game training kits, leisure exercise, Muay Thai sport

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002085

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