Exploring the Design of the Sign System of NTUH through Wayfinding Behavior in Virtual Environment

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ching Yuan WangChing I ChenMeng-Cong Zheng

Abstract: This study uses National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) as the experimental field to explore the existing sign system design through the wayfinding behavior in the virtual environment. The experiment simulated scenes that allowed the participants to move freely from a first-person perspective and provided wayfinding tasks. The results showed that participants were more likely to use signs suspended from the ceiling to find directions. When they don't see the target information on the signs, they wander around or go to a similar section to look for it. If the target is not on the first floor, indicators should provide clear information about the floor. The existing sign system makes users ignore information in layout, and the way of arrow direction indication also needs to be standardized. The results of this research help to understand the wayfinding behavior of users in the hospital, to serve as a reference for design improvements.

Keywords: Wayfinding, Signage, Virtual environment, Hospital

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002060

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