How self-report affects digital health-related behavior change

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Authors: Yuan YinYurong Yu

Abstract: This study aims to identify how self-report method affects digital health-related behavior change and further detect its potential broader application. Two groups of 10 participants engaged in a 28-day behavior change program with one group using self-report and the other group not. After the experiment, the group using self-report participated in a semi-structured interview to report their experiences. The initial experiment showed that self-report did not affect behavior; this indicated that self-report is an appropriate method to collect behavior change data. However, the semi-structured interviews suggested that self-reporting brought benefits and encouraged users to further improve their behavior. The paper, thus, summarized that perceived effects of self-report in behavior change are stronger than actual effects of self-report.

Keywords: HCI, Self-report methods, Sleeping habit, Digital health-related behavior change

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002093

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