Influence of Ergonomics of Electric Power Industry Enterprises on Nervous System Diseases

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Authors: Riad Taha Al-KasasbehNikolay KorenevskiyAltyn Amanzholovna AikeyevaMahdi Salman AlshamasinSofia Nikolaevna RodionovaAshraf ShaqdanAshraf ShaqadanSergey FilistYousif Eltous

Abstract: Working at several electric power facilities exposes workers to hazardous factors are risk of electrical shock and electromagnetic waves of industrial frequency of 50 Hz) and less intense fields of the radio frequency range, noise and vibration levels, harmful chemicals like burning gases and fumes in the air, and psychological stress due to the on-call emergency state. In this work, we develop hybrid fuzzy decision rules is a promising tool that combines clinical knowledge with artificial intelligence. The developed model allows diagnosis of nervous system diseases at early stage. The selected decision rules took into account the environmental situation and individual health risk factors. This provides confidence in the prediction decisions of contracting nervous diseases shows the high accuracy of more than 0.85. The prediction of early stages reached minimum accuracy of worse than 0.92, which makes it a valuable tool to support physicians’ diagnoses. The developed model is valuable for health treatment decision making.

Keywords: Biomedical Engineering, Ergonomics, Acupuncture, Fuzzy Logic

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002113

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