The hospitalization experience design using gamification applied to a pediatric 3d scanner for compound fractures

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Authors: Sara VivianiRocco FurferiAlessandra Rinaldi

Abstract: Physical, social and mental well-being is the basic assumption which allows children to experience hospitalization positively. In this age of medical-scientific progress and technological development on hospital equipment, the designers of instruments for healthcare focus their activities on developing a coherent patient-centered approach which aims to consider the person globally. Currently, the rigors of the humanization of pediatric care are elaborating products which have both technological innovation and effective design specifications on children’s implicit needs and expectations. Mainly, the active, collaborative, and coordinated presence and accessibility of the family and of the pediatric patient in the care setting are unachieved goals in this field. The article presents the research project Oplà, a 3D acquisition system, as a demonstration of how emerging technologies, culture, communication and collaboration can help significantly in mapping out new diversification measures in standard clinical practice, to enhance the assistance services, by adopting a Human-centered approach strengthened by the iterative process of design thinking.

Keywords: Emotional Design, Gamification, Human-centred Design, Patient-centered Vision, eHealth, Product-service Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002114

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