Prototype of a piece of clothing for patients for quick and easy patient mobilizations in healthcare facilities

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Lorenz MüllerNiels HinricherJanina GersieClaus Backhaus

Abstract: Caregivers are exposed to musculoskeletal strains during patient mobilizations. Especially for patient transfers, hoists were developed, but hoists have a low acceptance and when used incorrectly strains are still high. This paper develops a user-centered prototype to increase the use of hoists. The developed prototype is based on a market comparison, workflow analyses (n = 88), semi-structured interviews (n = 10) and a usability test with caregivers (n = 12). Instead of slings, the prototype lifts patients directly by their clothing. This reduces the transfer time and the steps required to lift a patient. The usability and the caregiver acceptance is high. Improvements address patients' comfort.

Keywords: usability, patient mobilizations, hoists, user acceptance, user centered design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002122

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