A Novel Headset System Synchronizing Vision and EEG testing for a Rapid Assessment and Diagnosis of Concussions and Other Brain Injuries

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Authors: David EdquilangJeff Feng

Abstract: Millions of concussions happen each year in the US alone. A proportionally large number of these concussions are due to high impact sports injury. Currently, there exists no solution to quickly monitor brain functions and test the oculomotor functions of individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury in order to diagnose them as having suffered a concussion. What is presently done to diagnose concussions is a CT scan or MRI, which are lengthy procedures to schedule, set up, and conduct; and furthermore, takes additional time to analyze the results in order to arrive at a diagnosis. This prolongation of the diagnosing process is inherently problematic since the longer time it takes between time of injury and time of diagnosis, there is greater risk of decisions and actions which can worsen damage to the brain. The sooner a concussion can be diagnosed, the sooner and better the treatment can be performed for recovery. In order to ameliorate this issue, we seek to develop a device to perform the function of diagnosis and monitoring of brain activity in a more rapid and timely manner. Literature review into the anatomy of vestibular and ocular brain functions was performed; as well as research into various testing and monitoring methodologies of these vestibular and ocular functions. One such method that has proven to be a reliable method for diagnosis is Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS), which is a visual and balance test performed by a doctor with a patient. Further research was also done into existing technologies whose functionalities would allow the device in order to perform brain monitoring, visual testing, and ultimately diagnosis; namely EEG, VR, and infrared eye tracking. Currently, very few devices on the market take advantage of these technologies together for medical uses. A device incorporating these technologies together allows would allow for more consistent administering of visual tests and real-time monitoring of brain activity. With a functional prototype, user testing is to be performed in order to assess the function and viability of the device.

Keywords: industrial, design, medical, EEG, headset, concussion, diagnosis

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002125

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