Design of Proton Radiotherapy Room Based on Environmental Psychology

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Authors: Zikun GaoXinxiong Liu

Abstract: Proton radiotherapy is currently a more advanced tumor treatment method in radiotherapy, which can accurately eliminate tumor cells while reducing damage to surrounding healthy cells. However, anxiety and depression often occur in cancer patients during treatment. On the one hand, it will cause the displacement of the lesion and affect the effect of radiotherapy. On the other hand, negative psychology is not conducive to physical rehabilitation. In this paper, the principle of environmental psychology is used to guide the design of indoor environment of radiotherapy from the perspective of visual and auditory senses. Through the influence of environment on psychology, the purpose of calming the mood of patients and improving the therapeutic effect is achieved, and it provides support and reference for the design of humanized radiotherapy room space in the future.

Keywords: Environmental psychology, Proton radiotherapy room design, Patient psychology

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002126

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