User Requirements for a Health Care Service Based on Point-of-care Testing in the Context of Ambulatory Care and Telemedicine for Older People

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Authors: Kamalatharsi MutuuraMario NiederhauserNico ErbFreddie Van Den Anker

Abstract: In healthcare, point-of-care testing, i.e., diagnostic testing at the time and place of patient care, allows for early diagnosis and therefore timely treatment of various diseases. These on-site tests are particularly beneficial to people living in remote areas and those with limited mobility. Our study focused on the design of a service for older people, whereby ambulatory care and telemedicine consultations are based on point-of-care testing. Its aim was to elicit user requirements, specifically for the use case of iron deficiency in older people. A textual scenario was developed which formed the foundation for the simulated or “enacted” scenario, with both undergoing participatory evaluations. A wide range of “socio-technical” requirements were elicited that are expected to be crucial for the implementation of this service. Based on content analysis they were categorized into technology-, people-, organization- and environment-related requirements. The results are discussed regarding the specific use case and methods used.

Keywords: User requirements, service design, health care. point-of-care testing, older people

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002098

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