The dysfunctional systems of creative entrepreneurship in Ghana

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Authors: Rufai KiluMohammed-Aminu SandaLilian Ama AfunAnna Alacovska

Abstract: This paper aim at generating knowledge on creative industries in a Ghanaian context, which drive understanding of creative entrepreneurship forward and shape theorization on dysfunctional systems of the creative entrepreneurship. Ghana’s Creative Arts Industry is perhaps the oldest industry: our forefathers danced, had theatre, played music, made amazing crafts and artifacts and created fine garments. Ghana’s Creative Arts span from smock weaving, xylophone and calabash making centers in Savanah and Northern Ghana to kente weavers of Bonwire and Agbozome; and from wood carving at Ahwia and Aburi to the bead makers at Ada and Somanya. However, little is known about the dysfunctional systems of the creative industry in Ghana. It is against this backdrop that this study seeks to explore the dysfunctional systems of creative entrepreneurship in Ghana. An empirical research design with qualitative approach was used. Interviews, Focus Group Discussions and Workshops were used for the data collection. The results showed the creative industry is a functional engine for sustainable and inclusive economic growth, it creates decent jobs and lead to sustainable development. The results however showed a system of dysfunctions among the creative entrepreneurs in a form of government and investor support related challenges, a lack of creative capacity building and research, unfavorable policies to regulate creative activities and the lack of appreciation for Ghanaian culture. The current study generated novel empirical and theoretical knowledge on both functional and dysfunctional systems of creative entrepreneurship in Ghanaian context. It is intimated that; periods of economic challenges are characterized with creative entrepreneurship playing key survival roles. This implies industry wide partnerships is key to have a salient role in driving innovation, economic growth, and welfare, in addition to their effect on job creation. Therefore, innovative and creative entrepreneurship is considered key factor in modern Ghanaian economic development.

Keywords: functional and dysfunctional systems, creative entrepreneurship, post-colonial knowledge, employment creation, Ghana

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002157

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