Design and evaluation methodology for cockpit lighting system in civil transport aircraft

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yi Zeng

Abstract: The cockpit lighting system of civil transport aircraft can create a good visual environment for the flight crew to ensure that the flight crew can accurately and clearly interpret all displayed information under various brightness environments. Reasonable cockpit lighting design needs to follow the necessary design principles to improve the friendliness of the human-machine environment in the cockpit. Simultaneously, the cockpit lighting evaluation is an effective supplementary means for discovering design defects. It can reduce the possibility of the existence or continuation of the development of potential accidents during the flight, and reduce the occurrence of human errors. From the perspective of an engineering designer, this paper puts forward the principles and evaluation methods to be followed in the cockpit lighting design of civil transport aircraft, which can provide certain guidance in the field of civil transport cockpit lighting design.

Keywords: civil transport aircraft, cockpit lighting system, design, evaluation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002163

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