Analysis of user interaction on web pages in organizations located on the border between Ecuador and Colombia

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hugo Arias-FloresFreddy Quinde-SariJanio Jadán-GuerreroMireya Zapata

Abstract: Communication through web pages has created a change in the interaction with users. This change in the financial institutions of a region and those located on the border between Ecuador and Colombia, arouses the interest of this study, since it was hypothesized that the best-known institutions in the city of Tulcán do not have significant differences in their web pages. A survey was carried out with clients of the two institutions that have used the website, organizing the survey in four aspects: personalization flow, participation functionality, Prediction feedback and Peer to Peer loyalty. The results using the student's t test show that the two institutions analyzed do not present significant differences in their Web pages.

Keywords: web pages, financial institutions, Analysis

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002166

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