Interface Evaluation Method of Medical Equipment Based on Aesthetics Measures

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Authors: Lele DuanXingsong Wang

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to provide an effective method to evaluate the interface design of medical equipment to improve user experience. Ngo proposed the calculation method of fourteen aesthetic indexes and tested the method in the layout design of the website. However, he counts the proportion of each index into the same value, which is obviously inconsistent with people's cognitive habits. This paper extends Ego’s research to the application level. We creatively introduce the analytic hierarchy process and redistribute the values to make it consistent with human cognitive habits. The method can help designers quickly pick up the optimal design scheme.In order to construct an effective evaluation system, five indexes that balance symmetry economy regularity and rhythm were selected from ego's 14 aesthetic measures for interface elements displays based on five basic interface design principles, user research and experiences of professional designers. AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) that has five steps: 1. Build a hierarchical structure model 2. Construct a judgment matrix 3. Hierarchical single sort 4. Hierarchical total order 5. Consistency check. was used to calculate the weight of each index. An expert was invited to value the indexes and the valued data successfully passed the consistency test.In order to quickly get the calculation results, we programmed all the calculation methods and processed the data of interface elements into matrices. The evaluation method is constructed through MATLAB programming to provide an objective evaluation method for the improvement of the user experience of the interface design of medical equipment.We assume that the model could benefit designers in selecting the optimal design plan and improving the efficiency of using the interface. Then we started empirical research to validate the method. The operating interface of a certain brand of medical pathology product freezing microtome was selected as a sample. For experimentation, we chose five different design schemes of the interface, and processed the interface elements into rectangles. We got the position and area data of the rectangle on the surface from adobe xd.The result is that the evaluation method can well reflect the aesthetics of the medical equipment interface design, play a guiding role in the interface design of the medical equipment, and can improve and enhance the user experience of the medical equipment interface. Due to time reasons, this article does not include more elements that affect the usability of the interface, such as the visual weight of the elements, the purity of the hue, and so on. All the interfaces used have been decolorized because color will affect human evaluation during the research. We will consider including color in the evaluation system in the future research.

Keywords: HCI, Medical device, Design Evaluation, Aesthetic measures

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002169

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