Helping kids and teens deal with Cyberbullying through informative learning capsules

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Janio Jadán-GuerreroAlexandra BermeoPriscila CedilloIsabel L. Nunes

Abstract: Nowadays, communication through technological devices has become widespread, and thanks to it, in these times of pandemic, it has been possible to face labor, educational, social and recreational challenges, among others. Due to confinement, children and adolescents carry out many activities on the computer or mobile devices, including socialization, learning, entertainment. This activity, in some cases, has also led to negative behaviors, including cyberbullying among them, this being one of the main problems that affects their physical and mental health, generating episodes of anxiety and suffering. In this context, the article presents a methodology for the implementation and deployment of learning capsules with the purpose of preventing bullying and cyberbullying of children and adolescents. The study began with a systematic review of literature on Microlearning as well as existing practices and technologies on the market. The systematic review protocol considered the choice of four digital libraries for the search. The search method and selection of technological solutions was based on finding Apps and websites for parental control and early detection of cyberbullying. An evaluation of 16 technological solutions was carried out and some strategies were identified that will be useful to develop the learning capsules.

Keywords: Cyberbullying, learning capsules, parental control, Kids, Teens, Technology, prevent Cyberbullying

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002176

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