Garbage Sorting and Recycling System of the Master and Slave Stations in Commercial Blocks

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Authors: Yaxi WangZiyun TongQiangsheng YinXin Chen

Abstract: Content From the perspective of the system, the problem is analyzed according to various elements such as the use environment of the trash can, user needs, mall resources, and stakeholders, and combined with AI intelligent visual recognition and voice-assisted recognition technology to assist design practices to explore new forms of waste classification and recycling. Methods Through field research and literature comparative analysis methods, the relevant advanced experience of domestic and foreign garbage classification and recycling is analyzed, and the relevant table method is used to focus the problems, and the current situation of classification and recycling in commercial blocks is analyzed according to my country's national conditions.Conclusion Design a garbage classification and recycling system for the master and slave stations in the commercial block, integrate the resources of the commercial zone, and achieve the purpose of overall garbage classification through the cooperation between the systems, and create a better commercial block environment. Only by solving the front-end treatment of garbage classification and coordinating the back-end garbage recycling can the purpose of harmless treatment of garbage be achieved. Taking the garbage classification in commercial blocks as the starting point, the purpose of efficient classification and recycling of garbage in commercial blocks is realized, and the garbage classification of the people is improved. consciousness.

Keywords: :smart waste sorting, master-slave station interconnection, industrial design, environmental protection, waste front-end treatment.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002180

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