Generating a Gesture Set Using the User-defined Method in Smart Home Contexts

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yanming HeShumeng HouPeiyao Cheng

Abstract: Gesture interaction is a natural interaction method and it has been widely applied in various smart contexts. Smart home system is a promising area to integrate gesture interaction. Under this background, it is necessary to generate a set of gestures that can support users’ intuitive interaction with smart home devices. Gesture elicitation study (GES) is an effective method used for generating gestures. In this study, by following GES, we develop a gesture set for controlling a smart TV via a smart speaker, which was common in smart home contexts. Two studies were conducted. In study 1, we conducted a diary study to generate target tasks, resulting in fifteen most frequent tasks in domestic contexts. In study 2, GES was conducted to generate gestures for each command by involving twelve participants. The generated gestures were analyzed by combining frequency, match, ease of use, learnability, memorability and preference, resulting in a set of gestures for smart home contexts.Keywords: Gesture Interaction, Smart Home System, Gesture Elicitation Study

Keywords: gesture control, mid-air interaction, user-defined approach, gesture elicitation study, smart home, smart speaker

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002181

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