The Influence Factors of Standby Sign on User Shutdown Behavior

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Authors: Weiyi LiSha LiuZichen Zhang

Abstract: We observe that many users often don’t turn off their laptops after using it, so that the device stays in standby for a long time, which not only causes damage to the battery, but also causes energy waste. We tried to find a simple and effective way to prompt users to shut down timely. Therefore, we conducted following research:(1) Find the reasons why users don’t shut down timely; (2) Find cost-effective ways to let them to shut down in time. First, through a questionnaire survey of 50 users, we found that the main reasons for users not to shut down timely include forgetting to shut down, the second reason is unawareness of disadvantages of not shutting down, and the third reason is they think keeping laptop standby can improve work efficiency (return to work faster). Therefore, we suppose that a prominent standby sign may solve these problems.Then, we study the main factors of standby sign affecting user shutdown behavior through experiments, and then design standby sign according to experimental results to test its effect on user shutdown behavior. We first investigated about 50 college students through a hierarchical scale, analyzed the influence of sign shape, size, position, flashing and text prompt on users' shutdown behavior, and conducted data analysis, and came to the following conclusions:1. In terms of shape, triangle, ring, circle, diamond and square were taken as independent variables, and user awareness of signs was taken as dependent variables(p<0.05). Triangle has the highest awareness degree, followed by ring.2. In terms of size, we conducted a curve fitting between sign size and the user's awareness of sign, and found user's awareness of sign was the best when the proportion of the triangle sign size was 1/1200-1/600 of laptop screen size.3. In terms of position, when the sign is placed in different locations of the laptop computer, including the bottom center of the screen, the center of the keyboard and the left side of the keyboard, it is found that there is a significant difference in user awareness (p<0.05), the effect is best in the bottom center of the screen, and in the subjective question, most users suggest adding another sign on laptop’s back.4. We compared the user awareness of the flashing sign with a text prompt with that of the sign only(p<0.05), significant difference was found between two signs, and the flashing sign with text prompt had higher awareness.Finally, we designed according to these results the standby sign, and no standby sign laptop sample awareness of contrast experiment, found that 90% of users when there is the sign can be timely shutdown, far higher than situation without sign, prove the validity of results of the study, the standby sign, can effectively reduce users untimely shutdown behavior. The result of this experiment is beneficial to reduce the energy consumption and equipment damage caused by users' untimely shutdown behavior.

Keywords: Laptop Standby Sign, User Shutdown Behavior, Awareness Influence Factors

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002187

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