RehbBrain: A serious gaming platform for perceptual and cognitive rehabilitation

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Authors: Sandrina RodriguesCláudia QuaresmaKrupa HansrajPatricia SantosNidia GrazinaAna AntunesBruno MendesCarla QuintãoRicardo Vigário

Abstract: Stroke sequelae significantly affect the individual's functionality, namely at the level of their perceptive and cognitive skills. Consequently, these patients require rehabilitation therapies that are adapted to their dysfunctions. Conventional approaches (traditional board and paper games) have the disadvantage of not being suited to the dysfunctions of some patients, making the rehabilitation process unstimulating and demotivating. RehbBrain is a serious gaming platform, adapted for all patients whose rehabilitation process focuses on stimulating, visually, perceptual and cognitive skills. It simulates the individual’s daily activities, in various environments, and with progressive levels of difficulty. The platform aims to help therapists monitor their patients by promoting a systematized and standardized assessment. The games on the platform are intended to complement conventional rehabilitation methods, and render therapy sessions more dynamic, leading to a faster and more patient-oriented stimulation process.RehbBrain’s usability was tested by 5 specialists and 33 subjects with no associated pathologies. They completed separate System Usability Scale (SUS) questionnaire to assess the platform, but reached and combined average score of 88.4, classifying RehbBrain as "Excellent".

Keywords: Serious gaming, Perception, Cognitive, Rehabilitation, Stroke

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002138

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