A Review of Historical Street Lighting Solutions

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Olaoluwa AkinshipeClinton Aigbavboa

Abstract: Aside from food, clothing and shelter, one of the essential needs of man is light. Unfortunately, the early man had to rely on natural light alone until the possible accidental discovery of fire. This discovery led to the invention of other basic technologies such as torches, candles, wicks and the like. Providing a lighting system suitable for enclosed spaces, open spaces, streets, and tunnels have been a subject of research over the years as more efficient methods are catechized to give way to the currently used systems. This report looks to explore two analogous objectives. The first is to provide a retrospective insight into the origin of lighting systems. The second objective highlights the significant progress made over the years to create an efficient lighting system for domestic and industrial use. This paper takes a deep dive into the lighting technologies used as far back as ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Benin Kingdom of current-day Nigeria.

Keywords: Energy, Road Lights, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Environment, Energy Saving

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002214

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