Smart ships and the evolution of cruise target. How smart technologies are affecting the relationship of customers with spaces and services

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Authors: Giuseppe CarmosinoAndrea Ratti

Abstract: This research investigates the evolution of spaces and services for customers in the naval and nautical sectors, through the method of case study analysis. The spread of smart technologies has deeply transformed our society in every context, generating relationships based on network systems and new forms of communication among people, objects and surrounding environments. In the cruise and yacht sectors smart technologies have affected the sea travel, leading companies to rethink spaces and services for customers. The results show how smart technologies can improve the quality of travel on board, offering new opportunities than on former ships, and at the same time indicate critical factors derived by the use of these new technologies.

Keywords: Immersive spaces, Digital services, Customers, Cruise Vessel Design, Digital technologies, Merged reality, ICS materiality

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002257

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