Transforming Energy Marketing Practices for Enhanced Solar PV Adoption

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shah Rukh ShakeelArto Rajala

Abstract: The adoption and use of solar PV systems is a complex and multifarious process influenced by personal, social, economic, technical and regulatory factors. Solar PV companies involved in the sales and interaction with the customers can play an important role in facilitating adoption. Companies’ ability to effectively market the product, disseminate information, frame value offerings and address consumers concerns can play an important role in this regard. The small size of the domestic market, an amplified competition and limited resources highlight the need to alter the way companies have been carrying out their operations. The qualitative study explores how solar PV companies can transform their marketing operations by integrating through the use of advanced digital technologies to facilitate the process.

Keywords: Solar PV, Adoption, Transformative marketing, Digital technologies, Finland

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002258

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