Assessment of Marketing Strategies Adoption and Competitiveness Among Quantity Surveying Firms In The Digitization Era

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Authors: Beauty JohnSamuel AdekunleSuccess EnebeliClinton Aigbavboa

Abstract: The ability of business outfits to successfully connect end-users to their goods and services determines their success. Business success in this sense is regarded as the longevity, profit, ability to be constantly engaged, among others. Like other professionals, the quantity surveying practice is bound by different ethics, which include how QS firms can carry out marketing. This study aims at investigating how the different marketing strategies adopted by QS firms and the factors affecting the adoption. Data was solicited through well-structured questionnaires. 74 formed the respondents; this is a mixture of indigenous, expatriate and mixed ownership. The factors were divided into internal and external microeconomic and macroeconomic environmental factors. The results showed that business philosophies of the owner (internal environment), national economic blueprint (external macroeconomics environment), competitive conditions of the market and state of the economy (external microeconomics environment) are the most important factors affecting the adoption of marketing strategies by quantity surveying firms. The study, therefore, recommends that Quantity surveying principal managers should be versed and open in their business philosophies so as to be able to change with the technological trends and changes in the economy (external microeconomic and macroeconomic factors).

Keywords: competitiveness, dynamic capabilities, digitisation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002259

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