Ethical Guidelines for Human-Centered Design Activities

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Authors: Jun IioAtsushi HasegawaShigeyoshi IizukaSeiji HayakawaHiroshi Tsujioka

Abstract: Recently, ethical considerations have become increasingly important in various situations. Human-centered design (HCD) activities are no exceptions. Because there have been no ethical guidelines for HCD-related activities in Japan, the human-centered design organization (HCD-Net) has published specific ethical guidelines for HCD activities. The guidelines provide general rules on ethical considerations for HCD specialists and ethical provisions for investigation, research, and deliverables. The guidelines have been published on the HCD-Net website. All researchers and practitioners engaged in HCD-related activities are expected to adhere to these guidelines when making ethical decisions.

Keywords: Human-Centered Design, Ethical Guidelines, Research Ethics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002272

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