Digital Assistive Technology as a Path towards Successful Aging in the Baltic Sea Region

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marina WeckKirsten MaibomKimmo VanniMichael Smærup

Abstract: Population aging is a major societal challenge worldwide, and the Baltic Sea region is no exception. This challenge has increased interest in successful aging through digital assistive technology (DAT). This paper seeks to shed more light on the potential impact of DAT on successful aging by offering deeper insight into the needs and expectations of older people as well as the barriers to and challenges in providing DAT solutions. Given the nature of the research questions, a qualitative approach was employed, and a multiple-case study was conducted in six Baltic Sea region countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Denmark, and Finland. The central finding of the study revealed that older people and technology providers perceived DAT solutions as of utmost importance in supporting successful aging. The study also contributes to the discussion of the need for a more holistic and multidimensional approach to successful aging by proposing to incorporate the impact of technological advances into a conceptual framework that outlines more comprehensively the components of successful aging.

Keywords: digital assistive technology for assisted living, successful ageing, ageing population, Baltic Sea region

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002274

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