Innovative Exploration of Art Toy Design Based on Personality Trait Theory

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Miao LiuJiaqi Fang

Abstract: With the prosperity of Chinese cultural industry, art toys are loved by more and more people and have become an emerging industry with great market potential in the field of cultural industry. Many art toys appear in the form of personification and have certain personality which can be recognized by consumers. it is the personality perception of art toys from consumers. The purpose of this research is to explore the association rules among self-rated personality traits, personality perception to anthropomorphic art toys from respondents and preference degree to anthropomorphic art toys from respondents in order to summarize some innovative sales and design suggestions and strategies about art toys based on personality traits theory by the method of clustering analysis and Apriori algorithm. The research results provide a quantitative reference tool and design route for the IP design of art toys in order to help the development of cultural and creative product design in China.

Keywords: Art toy design, IP design, Cultural creative products, Personality traits, Factor analysis, Convolutional neural network

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002280

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