Understanding Specialist Sales Aspects in Recruitment Process

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Authors: Maria Yllikäinen

Abstract: The labor shortage of experts will increase as current experts retire, which has moved the recruitment culture closer to expert sales. The competitiveness of companies is also affected by the availability of experts in the labor market. The aging population of globally developed countries is bringing an unprecedented labor shortage to the labor market. As companies globalize, the nature of work has spread around the world. For experts, Covid-19 brought more and more opportunities for work, teleworking, and this in itself has changed the situation in the labor market. The importance of recruitment and communication in the direction of significant change. The automation of the industry and various job search platforms have made the job more demanding than previous passive recruitment.The purpose of this study is to investigate the commercialization of current expert recruitment. It is also intended to take into account the importance of identifying specialty sales as part of the recruitment process. The accelerated process and the aging of the population have changed the skills needs of recruitment professionals that this study seeks to identify. By identifying and comparing different theoretical and practical methods, we aim to detect change in the recruitment process through research. Recruitment itself has been more passive in the past and sales active interaction. At the moment, it is not enough to open a job to find the right expert, but as part of finding the right expert, expert recruitment includes a variety of recruitment consultants, sourcing experts, headhunters and headhunting services. The study highlights the model that followed the recruitment stages from a sales perspective. This model allows the use of sales tools as part of the recruitment process.

Keywords: Recruitment, Ecomic, Sourcing, Embloyment, Business

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002281

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