Data Driven Sustainable Business Strategy

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Authors: Markus SihvonenMarina Weck

Abstract: This paper describes e-Tilat use case which is Seniotek company’s new product. The use case describes application of Data Driven Business Model (DDBM) in product development and business operations for the new e-Tilat product. The research question is: Is it possible for a small SME to achieve business advantage by applying DDBM and can it bring true value for its customers and its products end users? The research has been conducted by analyzing real life use case where municipality of Liminka acquired Seniortek’s new innovative e-Tilat system to provide sport facility reservation services for its residents. Based on use case analysis, it is obvious that applying DDBM did provide proven advantage for all interest groups; end users, Liminka municipality and Seniortek.

Keywords: Data driven business strategy, IoT, AI

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002284

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