The Impact of Covid-19 on Students. A Multi-correspondence Analysis

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Authors: Jorge Guadalupe-LanasJorge Cruz-CárdenasHugo Arias-FloresMireya Zapata

Abstract: The present paper has the aim of analyze the effects of Coronavirus disease 2019 on students’ lives. With that objective we carry out a multiple correspondence analysis which seeks to account for the existing structures in the relationships between variables included in that study. It also allows us to look at the relationships from the sublevels of the categories of each variable. The key areas where negative effects on household income have affected students are related to the number of household members receiving income, the type of income the head of household receives, and the amount of money received by the household. The main results are related to a significant correlation in the purchases of food before COVID-19 and the purchase of clothing before and after COVID-19. This finding is important because it shows a close relationship between the purchases of goods and services (food and clothing) among the respondents. Additionally, the variables related to the type of income of the head of the household before and after COVID-19 are highly correlated. Likewise, the amount of income before and after COVID-19 and income recipients before and after the pandemic are also correlated, but less significantly. Finally, the labor stability has changed drastically for some students and family workers.

Keywords: Economics, statistics, covid-19

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002287

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