Effects of Return to Work after the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hugo Arias-FloresDoris Pérez-VegaJorge Guadalupe-Lanas

Abstract: The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the lives of all people. The vaccination process worldwide, in a way, is creating the necessary conditions to return to face-to-face attendance in daily work activities. In this sense, the research focuses on establishing whether people who are working in person have been affected by their daily activities in their work environment with other colleagues. An online survey was conducted, from which a total of N = 202 participants was taken. Aspects related to efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace, and whether stress affected their performance, were addressed. The results show that the biggest stress for participants is having to share activities with larger groups of people, regardless of whether biosecurity standards are respected.

Keywords: Economics, statistics, covid-19

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002289

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