Are Blockchain Functions Required for Sharing Economy Business? : From the Perspective of Customers

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Authors: Young In KohSung H. HanJunseong Park

Abstract: The current blockchain business emphasizes its advantages from the business developers' perspectives. However, research on the customer's perspective on the blockchain technology itself is rare; it has been difficult to prove whether it is necessary for customers. To verify the necessity of the blockchain in the business, we investigated the customer's perspective by grasping how much the business customers need blockchain functions, especially in the sharing economy business sector. In this study, we defined the functions with which blockchain technology can provide customers in the business. Thirty participants evaluated what blockchain functions are necessary for sharing economy business. They responded that seven of the blockchain functions were necessary for sharing economy business.

Keywords: blockchain technology, blockchain technology function, customer perspective, sharing economy business

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002250

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