Analysis of Political Debate Programs to Identify the Elements of Political Transition Process in Chile

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Claudio Elórtegui GómezHanns De La Fuente-Mella

Abstract: The Chilean political transition has experienced strong questioning in recent years, especially at the level of the younger generations. These aspects have been made visible in the social mobilizations that took place in Chile in 2019 and in a growing context of political polarization, perception of corruption towards institutions and criticism of the media, spaces conceived from an agreed or semi-sovereign democracy. As a way of analyzing the political communication experienced in these original contexts of the return of Chilean democracy, the research will take a series of programs of political debates, broadcast on television between 1989 and 1991, that is, at the very beginning of the transition as historical process. The objective is through the use of probabilistic econometric models to measure the characteristics of the political debate, through the political identification of the panelists, types of participation of the participants in these programs and the dominant topics between the interactions, as a way of putting in perspective the critics towards that moment.

Keywords: Political transition, political debate, econometric modeling

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002296

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