Systems Intelligence, Perceived Performance and Wellbeing

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Satu Jumisko PyykkoJuha TörmänenKimmo VanniRaimo P HämäläinenEsa Saarinen

Abstract: Systems intelligence (SI) takes systemic, an employee-level, pragmatic, bot-tom-up, behavioral and interactional approach to organization. A goal of this research is to explore relation between SI and both perceived performance of organization and wellbeing. We conducted a survey with health care and ed-ucation organizations. Organizational Systems Intelligence (OSI) correlated positively with perceived performance of organization, work engagement, mental work ability, and negatively with perceived stress. In addition, per-ceived performance had stronger correlation with OSI than wellbeing measures. This research underlines importance of addressing SI as a part of human resource development in organizations.

Keywords: Systems intelligence, Human resources management, Perceived performance

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002252

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