Physical, Psychophysical and Demographic Changes Require Automated & Autonomous Machines & Equipment (AAM&E) in Construction

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Authors: Sang ChoiJames G Borchardt

Abstract: Construction is one of the most dangerous with high prevalence of work-related fatalities and injuries among the high-risk industrial sectors. Concurrently, the construction industry is experiencing workforce demographic changes and shortages of skilled trade/construction workers. This paper provides an overview of the shifting construction workforce and the benefits & exposures from the evolving automated and autonomous machines & equipment (AAM&E) under development for the construction industry. Specifically, this paper describes a synopsis of design methodology and principles of AAM&E associated with human-related factors (e.g., self-efficacy, mental/cognitive workload, situation awareness). Also, this paper discusses potential practical applications and insights on the human-machine interaction/collaboration and key factors for building trust in human-robot teamwork (e.g., rule-based framework, transparency/feedback, observation, predictability). This paper can assist human factors & ergonomics (HFE) and safety professionals who may not be current with this evolving AAM&E technology to pre-plan and design control methods into industrial and construction projects.

Keywords: Demographic Changes, Automation, Robotics, Autonomous, Digital Technology, Human-Machine Interface, Construction Industry

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002603

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