Musculoskeletal Risk Level among Health Professionals of a Health Entity

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Wilder HernándezSandra Bibiana Avendaño AvendañoLuis Gabriel Gutierrez

Abstract: The level of musculoskeletal risk in upper limbs was determined in five areas where health professionals of a health entity in Bogotá-Colombia practice. The essential duties in the Medicine, Bacteriology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, and Nursing spaces were selected through interviews with employees; the RULA approach was then used to establish the most critical components and the final score. At the level of the neck, shoulders, and wrists, forced postures were the variable that increased the score in areas such as dentistry, Bacteriology, and Physiotherapy. In almost all areas, load handling and movements with high frequency were evidenced. The above findings guide the improvement actions, and the consideration of other factors to be reviewed is recommended.

Keywords: Upper Extremity, Musculoskeletal Pain, Risk Factors, Risk Assessment

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002618

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