Construction and Evaluation of Influencing Factor Evaluation System Model for Campus Safety Awareness

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hang ShangWeifu WangMin Zhao

Abstract: The university campus is a very densely populated group organization and a place prone to safety accidents.The quality of campus safety prevention work is not only related to the personal safety of campus teachers and students, but also related to the stable development of the society.Therefore, improving the safety awareness of college students and promoting students' safety behavior is the key to improve the campus safety.First of all, according to the three elements of human, material and environment, this paper preliminarily constructed the campus safety awareness evaluation index, including 3 first-level indicators, 9 second-level indicators, to explore the main factors affecting students' safety awareness.Secondly, the preliminarily constructed evaluation indicators are revised by the Delphi method, and the revised indicators are 3 first-level indicators and 12 second-level indicators.Then, the corrected index weights were calculated by hierarchical analysis.Finally, according to the calculated index weight, the Grey evaluation value is calculated, and the main factors affecting students' awareness of campus safety behavior according to the results of the evaluation value are determined.In order to improve the campus security, give a directional reference.

Keywords: Security awareness, Hierarchical analysis, Multi-agent systems, Complex adaptation systems

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002632

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