Adaptive shared mental models for medical teams

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Gülay CanbaloğluLaila Van MentsJan TreurJan KleinPeter Roelofsma

Abstract: This paper describes how second-order adaptive network models for mental processes can be used to model and support (shared) mental models for team performance and organizational learning. The paper illustrates on the one hand the value of adequate shared mental models for safe and efficient team and organizational performance. On the other hand it illustrates cases of imperfections of such shared team models in practice and how this complicates the team and organisational performance. To this end, the controlled adaptive network models can cover use, adaptation and control of a shared mental model and its learning. It is illustrated for an application context of a medical team and organization performance. Simulations illustrate how such adaptive network models are able to address the type of complications that can occur in realistic scenarios and also how better shared mental models can be learnt by organisational learning through aggregation of the best individual mental models. The paper discusses implications for healthcare safety and future research.

Keywords: shared mental model, teamwork, adaptive network model

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002634

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