Technology and Young Adult Visual Acuity Degradation Symptoms

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Bankole FasanyaOlukunle AkanbiNihaar UsuTemilade Adeyeye

Abstract: Technology in the modern age is used in various sectors, particularly screen technology, usually in many everyday devices such as smartphones, personal computers, tablets, and smartwatches. Most of the consumer products used in this current age have a screen interface and are abundantly distributed to the public. This study investigated the connection between the rapid availability of digital screen devices and vision problems in young adults. One hundred and two students and twelve vision care experts participated in the study. Results revealed that about 59% of the students experienced a worse vision from 2015 to late 2021. About 73% of these student respondents affirmed using a smartphone as the primary digital screen device for 5-6 hours daily, and 37% confirmed to have experienced eye dryness and irritation during COVID-19. Vision care experts confirmed treating many young adult patients with vision-related issues in the past five years compared with a decade ago. About 58% of the vision experts believe blue light filters will reduce visual degradation when over exposed to digital screens. This area of study needs empirical research to ascertain other health hazards associated with the new technology evolving in our daily activities.

Keywords: Visual, Technology, and Human Eye

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002625

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