Ergonomic risk in nurses and caregivers due to patient care and mobilization in senior centers

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Authors: Albeiro Aguilar OliveraMaye Catalina Neira Cardenas

Abstract: This paper contains a study related to the risk and ergonomic conditions in nurses and caregivers, who are involved in care and mobilization of patients in senior centers. The results were obtained trought: mixed approach methodology and descriptive scope. Pragmatic techniques and data collection instruments were utilized too, including documentary analysis of work procedures, direct observation, photographic records, and cards adapted to senior centers of the Assistance mobilization of hospitalized patients methodology (MAPO). Among the findings, the critical activities and tasks in the care and mobilization of dependent or non-cooperative patients (NC) and semi-dependent or partially cooperative (PC) have been identified. In addition, other determinations have been made, including: lifting factors, minor aids, wheelchairs, environment and training in the facilities or wards of the senior center, and the calculation of ergonomic risk level, both for nursing staff and caregivers. In sum, this article provides the scientific community with a detailed risk panorama of a population and a work environment that has seen little attention in the literature, allowing the design and development of improvement strategies or the validation of existing ones.

Keywords: Ergonomics, Nurses, Caregivers, Occupational hazards, Ergonomic risk, Senior center, Mapo, Musculoskeletal disorders

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002663

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