RULA and TRIZ methods for ergonomic analysis in the redesign of artisanal wine bottle filling workstation

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Authors: Lidilia Cruz-RiveroAlejandro Del Angel-DominguezMaria Leonor Mendez-HernandezIlse Alejandra Estevez-GutierrezCarlos Eusebio Mar-Orozco

Abstract: In the north of Veracruz, Mexico, there are nano-SMEs or family businesses that carry out their processes in an artisanal way; being an area whose population is 60% of indigenous origin, their traditions in the elaboration of products are preserved. In this case study, the analysis of the bottle filling workstation of the honey wine-producing company is proposed. This work aims to carry out an ergonomic research based on an anthropometric study, the RULA method (rapid upper limb assessment) and TRIZ method (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving); to evaluate the postures that put the integrity of the craftsman at risk and based on the find the appropriate design parameters to propose an ergonomic redesign in the honey wine bottle filling station. As a result, it is expected to develop a proposal that meets the needs of users who carry out their filling process manually reducing discomfort in the extremities and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

Keywords: RULA, TRIZ, Ergonomics, workstation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002669

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