Comparative analyses of construction classification systems in a context of benefits, challenges and required resources

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Martins DanusevicsLiga BraslinaDaina ŠķiltereAnda BatragaJelena SalkovskaAija LegzdinaHenrijs Kalkis

Abstract: The research performs a comprehensive analysis of the existing most widely used international and local construction classification system application practices, to identify the main benefits or problematic aspects of their application in the context of BIM. The research estimates the time and cost resources required to classify the standard BIM model in the three selected classification systems - Uniclass 2015, CCI and LBN 501-17, thus identifying the time and costs to be considered when classifying or reclassifying BIM models in different classifica-tion systems. The novelty and added value of the study are the empirical evi-dence obtained for scientists and policymakers on the comparative characteris-tics of classification systems and the time and cost resources required to apply them to national building digitization policies.

Keywords: construction, classification, system, BIM, digitization

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002654

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