Toxic Workplace Environment

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Authors: Asmaa AlsereidiAmal AlmarzooqiSaed Amer

Abstract: This study aims to explore environmental toxicity in the workplace. The study highlights essential aspects of the toxicity environment, such as the definitions, causes, and impacts. The breach of contract in an organization is considered an important aspect that affects the employees’ mood and attitude in the workplace. The failure of duties and responsibilities of an organization may greatly significantly affect employees psychologically. The violation of company-employees agreement plays a significant role in changing employees' views and feelings. The research study has shown that the best intervention measures in the workplace help reduce adverse effects of thetoxic environment in an organization. The study suggests that intervention skills such as team- building, cultural diversification helps in reducing social behavior such as harassment, discrimination, and bullying, thus reducing toxicity harm. Several graphs have been used to explain the different types of stress triggered by various aspects such as working nature, workplace relationships, and threats. The organization's code of ethics helps guide the employees and management to make reasonable judgments, thus eliminating unethical issues. The study highlighted some crucial recommendations which when embraced, may enhance a suitable workplace, thus minimizing workplace toxicity.

Keywords: Toxic workplace, intervention skills, team- building, cultural diversification, working nature, workplace relationships, workplace threats

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002674

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