The Futuristic Building Industry: Updating Skills-Set Required for Digital Transformation

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Authors: Olushola AkinshipeJohn AliuClinton Aigbavboa

Abstract: The skills regarding the building profession have undergone various changes during the evolution in the building industry over the past century. Due to the advancements in the building sector, the inherent disciplines have developed a defined set of skills. This study explores the relevant skills in the building industry, comparing the current skills to the evolving skills to ensure the continued relevance of professionals in the futuristic building industry. In order to fulfil the aim of the study, a descriptive methodology was utilised through a quantitative approach. Data for the research was gathered through a survey of building industry firms in South Africa. The findings of this study highlight the current skills and the evolving skills in the building industry. Interlinkages are also explored between the current and evolving skills. It is pertinent to note that the multi-disciplinary nature of the building industry requires professionals to be equipped with valuable skills applicable and relevant in the professional world. In conclusion, It is pertinent to note that current, evolving, and future skills may transform from time to time. This makes it highly important for building professionals to update their skills from time to time in order to remain relevant in the digitally transformed 21st-century futuristic building industry.

Keywords: Digital Transformation, Building Industry, Skills-set, Digital Construction Building Automation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002657

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