Digital Transformation in Quantity Surveying: Where Lies the Issues?

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Olushola AkinshipeMatthew IkuabeClinton Aigbavboa

Abstract: Most industries are embracing digitalisation as a result of the fourth industrial revolution. However, the construction industry has lagged in this bid as it only recently embraced technological innovations. In recent times, quantity surveying firms are continually adopting technological innovation in their work practices. The current study will provide relevant knowledge about the impact of digitalisation within quantity surveying firms in South Africa. Hence, the study explores the stumbling blocks to digitalisation in quantity surveying. Data for the research was gathered through a survey of professional quantity surveyors working in South Africa. Theoretical review highlights that the value added by digital transformation greatly outweighs the problem, hence the need to ensure that the quantity surveying profession is fully digitalised. Theoretical findings classified the barriers to digital transformation in quantity surveying four significant categories; personnel competency, cost and affordability, data and cyber security issues and stakeholders concerns. Empirical findings rank the barriers in the order of impact as follows: first - cost and affordability, second - personnel competency, third - stakeholders concerns data and last - cyber security issues. These costs include the cost of purchase, installation and operation of digital tools, as well as training and development of staff to deploy digital transformation within activities and processes. Finally, it is recommended that governmental and professional institutions support the digital transformation in funding, educational reforms and sensitisation programmes.

Keywords: Digitalisation, Quantity Surveying, Digital Quantity Surveying, Digital Transformation, Digital Construction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002658

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