Muscle Fatigue for the Health Staff in Hospital Operating Unit

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zenija RojaPatricija FreibergaHenrijs Kalkis

Abstract: For the research the health sector was selected and it is one of the largest sectors of the economy in Latvia, where more than 6.8% of workers are employed in different professions. Operating block employees from different hospital clinics were selected for the research. The aim of the study was to investigate muscle fatigue and its causes for the operation unit health staff. Such investigation methods were used: survey, determination of the hand muscle strength, muscle fatigue analysis. Survey results prove that operation unit staff indicates discomfort in various body parts after the work shift. That is in accordance with the results of myotonometric measurements that show that during the weekly working cycle, the most loaded muscle groups were in shoulder region and legs, but less loaded were arm muscles. Analysis of the strength of the handgrip muscle shows that the mean handgrip muscle strength of nearly all the employees of the studied professions is in line with the norm before and after a week of performance, for some right-hand grip muscle strength is slightly greater than the strength of the left hand. The research will be continued with motion capture analysis to analyze the awkward movements during operations for surgeons, nurses, and surgeons-residents.

Keywords: muscles, fatigue, operation block, staff

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002659

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