Realization of Logistics Operations Within Nigerian Manufacturing Industries

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Authors: Ayodeji Dennis AdeitanClinton AigbavboaOyindamola Cynthia OlubiyoAdebayo Oluwasegun Adewole

Abstract: In understanding the impact of logistics functions and processes as an important source of competitive advantage and on the survival of manufacturing industries in both global and local market, the level of awareness of logistics activities must be conducted. Therefore, this study focused on assessing the level of awareness of logistics activities in Nigerian manufacturing industries. A field survey with a well-structured and self-administered instrument of information collection were used to get necessary information from the respondents. One hundred and fifty manufacturing industries were selected intentionally to represent the best state of logistics activities awareness within Nigerian manufacturing industries. The findings revealed that the total average awareness level of logistics activities within the Nigerian manufacturing industries is average. Also, transport logistics is the most popular form of logistics activities in Nigeria, followed by warehouse/distribution logistics, domestic logistics, after-sales logistics, and procurement logistics. The findings also revealed that fourth party logistics and green logistics are the least popular logistics activities in Nigeria. This is due to the lack of new and effective information flow in their logistics management processes. The study therefore recommends that stakeholders in the Nigerian logistics industry, business owners and manufacturing industries should adopt one or more forms of logistics functions in their core business activities to aid sustainability, competitive advantage, performance, and economic growth.

Keywords: Logistics activities, manufacturing industries, awareness, survey, competitive advantage, economic growth

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002688

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