Effects of listening to sutra chanting during breaks in on-demand lecture attendance

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kyoko ItoHiroki Yoshikawa

Abstract: On-demand lectures are characterized by the fact that students themselves can freely arrange the lecture format, such as whether or not to take breaks during the lecture. This study aims to construct an effective lecture/training method suitable for on-demand lectures. Considering the time and location constraints of on-demand lectures, this study examines ways to provide adequate relaxation and a change of pace. Therefore, we propose listening to sutra chanting as an effective method during breaks in on-demand lectures. The effects of sutra chanting are considered to be a calm mind, moderate stimulation and a change of mood. An experiment was conducted to confirm the effect of sutra chanting during breaks in on-demand lectures. The participants were 20 university students. As a result, when attending on-demand lectures, we sought changes in subjective evaluation of listening to the sutra chanting during breaks.

Keywords: On-demand lectures, sutra chanting, breaks, sleepiness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002826

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